Enhanced global offerings

Sixfoldgroup announces another strategic partnership with QRA Ltd (UK) & Siloso Technical Services PTE Ltd (Singapore).

Sixfold Group announces strategic partnership with QRA Ltd (UK) & Siloso Technical Services Pte. Ltd (Singapore) to enhance global offerings. The companies have signed a framework agreement to collaborate on technical and commercial initiatives, offering clients an extensive and wider range of services and support. This partnership demonstrates Sixfold Group's commitment to expanding its reach and providing clients with comprehensive solutions in the industry.

The services that we will provide include, but are definitely not limited to:

Full Project Documentation Lifecycle Management, from planning to delivery.

Operation Procedures, O&M Manuals, Commissioning / Maintenance Procedures, SOPs etc.
A0 size Adobe Illustrator quality Drawings (POD sample)
Training for retiring / retired Engineers (New Author Formatting Guidelines sample)

Detailed samples listed:

FPSO Oil Processing System
Operations Manuals
Process Overview Drawing (POD)
New Author Formatting Guidelines

A full presentation (with samples) is available on request:


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